Phooka Team

Rick Smith finds parallels with the mythical creature called the PHOOKA.

With over 20 years of experience in the digital field it is difficult to put him in a single box. The PHOOKA is a shape shifter, able to change to meet the need.

Phooka / Strategist

‘The strategist brings years of meeting the mark and market need. On time, on Budget, the strategist understands the KBRs that drive KPIs. Don’t be fooled by his Donald Drapper Attire, the strategist is just as technology savvy as the most innovative millennial. When he enters the room, Laptops closed please. ‘‘

Online Business Strategy0


Service Design / User Journey Mapping0

Marketing Strategy0

Phooka / Creative Direction

Our Creative Director crafts the vision…” the why”. He has one foot in the the real world (where real people exist) and one foot in the virtual (where everything else exists). From Brand to engagement to intricate campaigns, our creative director will find and elegant solution to complex problems

Brand Development0


Digital Strategy0


Phooka / Art Direction

Trained in traditional Illustration and design techniques the Phooka Art Director has “Chutzpah”. His experience traverses offline and online design, from print to game design. A team player and tactical creative a guardian of visual success.

Web Design0

Graphic Design0

Adobe Creative Suite0

Video Prodcution0

Phooka / Technologist

The Phooka Technologist is a real character indeed. He keeps to him self most of the day. You would think he rocks out to death metal, but if you see him play list in passing, there is a good chance the playing now would be Mumford and Sons. He expends his human processing power thinking about what is next and what is now concurrently. He is not a programmer but understand programming deeply. He is not a developer but manages developers. He is the translator between Creative, Business and Technology.

Enterprise CMS Architect 0

Technology Strategy (The Sherpa)0

Technology Translation (The Conduit)0