MDC365 – Center For Disease Control

MDC365 – Center For Disease Control


The Following is an excerpt for a pitch to the CDC. The solution was called MDC365 was proposed as a platform that would leverage Social media platforms to monitor the initiation and spread of disease. The social platform would monitor sentiment as well as unsolicited disease state information. Implementation of such a system could provide real time information of the spread of first world diseases such as the FLU, Strep Throat, Whooping Cough to name a few. The CDC would monitor from initiation thought spread.

Improving the function of this data requires more than just another visually-appealing application!

Specifically, we CDC needs:

  • A new way of thinking about their presently “un-mined” data resources
  • A new data activation capability, and a new culture to support
  • A new environment to build, test, experiment, and refine
  • A new strategy for integrating the methods and mediums for telling their story

Introducing MDC365

Just one example of an organic solution we can grow, MDC365 is a prototype web-based multi-platform application that captures, integrates, and visualizes disparate CDC data sources, life-cycles, and correlations in an intuitive, interactive, and shareable environment.

  • Comprehensive tools to interact with, learn from, and share (dynamic timeline, geo-location specific content, toggle filters)
  • Smart alerts; Customize and save…Monitor and alert
  • Users can layer CDC data with other data sources to provide context and build stories creating specific meaning for the user
  • Self diagnosis tool and recommendations for receiving treatment
  • Report outbreaks
  • Search by geography, time, and other relevant topic areas
  • Effective display of real-time trending topics relevant to me and my area
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Native Social Media Integration to reach and influence diverse and hyper-fragmented audiences

Showcase how our approach integrating and manipulating these data sources makes them immediately more:

  • Accessible
  • Digestible
  • Visual and Approachable
  • Relevant
  • Actionable
  • Case Study
  • Innovation
  • Pitch Work
  • Solution Design
  • Business
  • Innovative
  • Technology